“On the first day we started working at 9.00 and it was initially a slow start, but by 10.00 we were in full flow. By the end of the day we had treated 30 patients. In the 3 and a half days we were there we saw 193 patients.”



Health and Well-being

The UN Millenial Goals have identified health and wellbeing for all ages as essential for sustainable development and highlighted health as the single most undeveloped sector in the world.


Although over the past 15 years significant progress has been made in reducing preventable and communicable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and the spread of HIV/AIDS through education and access, the UN remains committed to focusing on health and well-being as the area in need of the most assistance. Our long-term programmes focus on continuing the sustainable development work being carried out in the communities still at the greatest risk where life expectancy and maternal fatality are poor and the need for access to clean water and sanitation is paramount.


Access to receiving quality healthcare and education is often expensive and almost impossible in rural areas. Families who belong to communities far away from city hubs often have to travel for miles, sometimes days, to access hospitals or nursing care. This sometimes results in sick adults and children not receiving the required treatment to survive, resulting in loss of income for families and obvious emotional trauma. In many of the countries we work, access to simple household equipment, such as mosquito nets, first aid kits, vitamins or water filtration systems can prevent these illnesses and diseases that can cause such disruption within a community.


Working collaboratively with local schools, NGOs, health workers and community health centres and hospitals, Inspire programmes adopt a holistic and long-term approach to creating change in the communities where we work. We aim to utilise the skills and interests of our volunteers to better equip the communities we work with to live healthy and fulfilled lives through a range of preventative healthcare initiatives, from education and workshops, needs-assessment research and development of local healthcare facilities and provision of resources.


Through training, teaching and improving infrastructure and access Inspire programmes recognise the importance of educating communities in basic first aid, nutrition, contraception, preventative healthcare and sanitation as essential to improving the quality of healthcare received by our recipients.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer in Romania

Volunteer in Romania

Volunteer in Peru

Volunteer in Peru

Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand

How you can help

You do not need to be a qualified medical professional to make a substantial difference on one of our health and well-being programmes. We are actually looking for volunteers with a passion for cross-cultural exchange, communication and an interest in health promotion. Knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition, basic first aid and sexual health is invaluable for our programmes. Volunteers not from a medical background can teach and train children, young adults and women at our partner projects essential life skills or conduct research and needs assessments to ensure our health and well-being programmes are targeting the correct demographic and communities.


Nurses, doctors, dentists, paramedics, occupational therapists and social workers are able to add value to our long term health programmes by providing necessary training to the staff at our partner schools and medical facilities.


If you are a medical or nursing student our medical programmes are an invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a working hospital environment whilst assisting people in need.


No matter what your reasons for volunteering on one of our health and well-being programmes are, all volunteers learn an incredible amount of new skills whilst making a tangible and sustainable impact on improving the healthcare provided to our partner local communities.

Inspiring achievements

3000 persons with access to care

In Cambodia


200 persons treated with day

inĀ our partner hospital in Romania


First-aid kits and training

For our partner schools


Health and hygiene workshops

For vulnerable children


Clean water initiatives

Started in Cambodia


Public Health study tours researching communicable diseases

in Thailand

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