Staff Interview – David Poppe, Thailand Country Director

Staff Interview – David Poppe, Thailand Country Director

How long have you worked at Inspire?

I have been working with Inspire since October 2013.

What is your position?

I am the Thailand Country Director. My role is to host and manage all volunteers in Thailand, and to ensure all of our community work is being implemented in an ethical and sustainable fashion.

What is your favourite aspect of Inspire’s programmes in Thailand?

My favourite aspect of our Thailand programmes is our local relationships. We have been working with our partner Buddhist temples, schools, and remote hill-tribes for over five years and we have excellent relationships.

When volunteers arrive they have the very unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Thai and local culture. All volunteers are treated like family and often are taken to lunches, dinners, and local festivals by our community partners as they really care about showing Inspire volunteers authentic culture. These relationships allow volunteers to see a side of Thailand that most visitors never to get to see.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part is seeing volunteers grow during their time in Thailand. Seeing them on their first day slightly apprehensive and then compare that to their last day where they are teaching great lessons and are fully integrated into the school.

It is always wonderful to see the relationships that volunteers build with the students and teachers. At the end that is what Inspire is all about: contributing to community development work and sharing your skills and experience.

Prakriti Malhotra is the founding director of Inspire. She has over 12 years’ experience helping individuals plan their overseas volunteering trips whether it be for their gap year, a sabbatical from work or a post retirement adventure.
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