“I wanted to connect with local culture and daily life in a way not limited to the tourist experience. My expectations were met in full and I feel I have gained an insight into life in Tanzania. This is definitely a good and enriching way to travel.”

Captivating Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa’s most beautiful countries and is home to the continent’s highest mountain as well as some of its finest national parks and game reserves. With landscapes shifting from tropical beaches to sweeping savannahs, it is a fascinating destination to volunteer abroad.


Tanzanian culture is fascinating due to its 26 ethnic groups, each speaking their own language. Swahili is the de facto official national language; however English is the official language of secondary education, universities, technology and higher courts. Art and music are the backbone of Tanzanian society, bringing together all the different ethnic groups.


Despite the influx of tourism to Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti, Tanzania remains a very poor country where international volunteer projects can make a real difference. As a nation it is ranked 156th out of 174 countries in the UN’s human development index, which reflects a low standard of living for the vast majority of the population. Reinforcing these problems are low levels of literacy and a prevalence of HIV/AIDS and malaria. The impact of these diseases means that life expectancy in Tanzania is just 48 years.


Arusha, where the Inspire hub is based, is a city with the most spectacular mountainous backdrop and inviting people. The city itself is known as the safari capital of Tanzania, offering the opportunity to explore a beguiling diversity of habitats within a few hours from leaving the city. Tanzania’s stable economy and political landscape give it great potential for growth and those who volunteer in Tanzania can make a real impact.

Tanzanian proverb: “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

Prices to volunteer in Tanzania start at £1225 for 2 weeks

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Volunteering Opportunities

Tanzania offers volunteers a fantastic opportunity to become actively involved with the local community in the shared desire to improve the societal conditions of children and women in Tanzania.


All our volunteer programmes in Tanzania enable you to ensure sustainable improvements are made in education and women’s empowerment.Our team of local staff relies on volunteers to share their skills, enthusiasm and desire to improve conditions at our partner projects.


At our partner schools, volunteers will make a tangible impact by improving the levels of spoken English, engaging the local children in the importance of education and assisting local staff by teaching them new methods to ensure dropout rates lower.


Even if you are not a trained educator, your time and life skills will be invaluable at the schools. If you are a teaching professional, you can embark on improving the curriculums and teaching methods at our partner schools.


Our successful livelihood programme would not be possible without the dedicated support of our volunteers who provide women with business training, confidence and knowledge to improve their entrepreneurial skills and understand the intricacies of business ownership.


Being involved in this programme is a guaranteed way to ensure your valued time is making a significant and sustainable impact within our partner community.




The Government of Tanzania’s development agenda places educational advancements at the top of its list. The country has made significant gains in the access of quality primary education and today Tanzania has one of the highest enrollment ratios in Africa.


A main focus has been on ensuring that girl’s enrollment in school is on par with boy’s enrollment and this has been a successful programme. Despite these successes, there continue to be many challenges related to secondary education in Tanzania.


The Tanzania hub currently runs two school education programs with our various partnering schools and one Community English Class Program.


Our focus areas of education are nursery, personal development skills and English learning.


The nursery school program runs in the mornings and has a curriculum designed to teach Basic English vocabulary and conversational skills to nursery aged children. This course provides a foundation from which to build on in Primary education with students able to identify in English objects, characters and themes found in everyday life. In addition each child will learn and should be able to verbally answer simple English everyday questions such as what is your name, how old are you. Exposure to English at such an early age which the students would have otherwise not have been exposed to is critical to the children gaining English language confidence and skills.

 Women’s Empowerment


Tanzania is still very much a patriarchal society. Women rarely receive the same opportunities as men, either in education or professionally, and remain marginilised in society. More girls than boy’s dropout of school and women are frequently widowed by HIV/AIDS.


Cultural and religious norms shape negative attitudes towards women, which make it difficult for women to access land, education and markets. Inspire assists with improving the conditions for women in Tanzania working tirelessly to ensure financial independence for widowed or underprivileged women.


Our Livelihood programme provides vocational and business training for women to ensure they can support their families and live independently. Inspire works with women’s cooperatives and individuals to provide business training and small grants that enable independence and growth in self-esteem.


Our team is incredibly proud of this initiative as most of these businesses are now thriving and the women can provide for their families.


Things to do

Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas. They include the plains of Serengeti National Park, a safari mecca populated by the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), and Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s highest mountain. Offshore lay the tropical islands of Zanzibar and Mafia Marine Park, where whale sharks swim through reefs.


Arusha has iconic wonderful waterfalls hidden in its mountains with an array of choices between the Mt Meru waterfalls, Moonjoo Falls, Kilasia Falls and Marangu Falls. Arusha also is host to the iconic Chemka Maji moto hot springs with clear warm water ideal for swimming and catching some sun on the shore. Arusha is a cultural hub of activity with many museums celebrating local Tanzanian culture with iconic museums such as the Moshi- Chagga Museum, Arusha Declaration Museum and the Cultural Heritage centre where visitors can explore, view and learn about Tanzania’s rich and diverse culture.

Local staff

Based in Arusha at the foot of Mt. Meru, our local team in Tanzania will be the go to contact during your time in Tanzania, there to support you from the moment you arrive at the airport to departure at the end of the trip. Led by Faith, they know Tanzania inside out.  Faith is working in program development, and has a strong passion for travel and international development which was ignited through various travelling experiences and her studies in Public Health.



Faith is accompanied by a great The team comprises of Frankie a professional football player who runs the football program and works with the team as a local community coordinator, Harry an archaeologist by training who is a self-published author of 2 books, who has worked in digs in the Ngorogoro crater and Mt Kilimanjaro who also has a strong passion for community development and also works in local community coordination.


The team is very passionate about community development, child-welfare and education and will support you throughout your stay and give a helping hand.


Passionate about ensuring volunteers get the most out of their time in Tanzania, she loves showing new visitors the magic of her country!

Prices to volunteer in Tanzania start at £1225 for 2 weeks

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